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Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Older

Songs don't have ends any more.
They meld and grow,
and wrap around the radio.
The eq is flat;
the announcer's spat
is don't change the dial.

The hair on my arm is still.
Lays straight and fine,
Void of the tell and the sign.
I miss the days,
the power and praise
of writer and his chord.


Ryan said...

Nicely done. I was just having a similar thought the other day while driving. It was driving me crazy that one song simply ran into the next...there was no silence between the two to digest what you had just heard; no distinction between the sounds.

That silence is always the most magical moment in music, the chance to breathe while still holding to the memory of the sound.

Can't say that I've ever used my arm hair as an indicator of my musical appreciation, though. That's just nuts. :)

David said...

You've never had the hair on your arm raise when you got super excited by music? I find that hard to believe.

And, it's not even just the radio, artists don't even write ends any more, because they know it's going to get cut out with a fade anyway, so why bother!

Mike said...

Yeah, I think one cause of this lack of ends (neither included by the artist nor played by the stations) is that people are literally scared of silence. People, in general, allow themselves to be so inundated with information that they require constant stimulation or they don't know what to do with themselves. Witness the sheer number of people listening to mp3 players during every "non-working" moment of their lives. Heaven forbid they be left to their own thoughts!

Even when you're aware of the issue, it's still hard to maintain that love of silence and slow living. I've noticed that I really have to work hard to maintain that, otherwise it's easy to fall right into the flow of needing something to do. Regardless, I'm way worse off in that regard than I was in high school, the time when I felt most at home with such slow and quiet living.

On the arm hair thing, I've never felt anything at all with respect to music. Most people I talk to say that music makes them want to move, whether that's dance or tap their foot or clap, etc. Me? Nothing. Not a whit. I've used music to calm me down (new age type music, Tibetan chanting, etc.) and I've used music to ramp me up (while lifting or prepping for a sport), but outside of adrenal control, I haven't noticed music have any "normal" effect on me whatsoever.

David, your post was a very well done message-in-verse. I liked it!