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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Chronicles of Ryan's Roommate Part I

Ryan looked in the fridge. His heart sank with the temperature as it hit his face. It had happened again. This would require some brooding. He flopped down on the couch and tried to put things in perspective. He tried to see the truth of the matter. He tried not to be angry.

But He Was Betrayed.

Betrayed by the closest person to him. Their bedrooms were a scarce 10 feet apart. How could he do this! Why couldn't he be considerate! It was a matter important to life or death.

But he forgave his friend. Their friendship could transcend this. He also knew what his friend was dealing with at the time. He knew of the crazy spells, and the rough influence of the female.

After all, it was only another frozen burrito.


Ryan said...

And the orange sodas. Don't forget the orange sodas.

I'm in the midst of getting ready to leave Berkeley, so I haven't really had time to think of a good post. So I apologize in advance for David's continued reign of terror.

What's the rest of yous guys excuses? Huh? Bunch of slackers if you ask me.

Mike said...

Hey, I wrote a beautiful Heroic Couplet that started with the thought of Iambic Pentameter, then ended with a hodgepodge of iambics, trochees, and combinations thereof. Sure, I stole the approximate end rhyme directly from David's post. Nope, I didn't even try to hide it. Stole it word for word. THAT is how confident I am of its stupendousness.

I accept your apology, Ryan.