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Friday, April 30, 2010


I hope no one holds it against me that the oil spill heading for Louisiana and the Bottom Coast has really made me think about politics rather than the impending environmental disaster. I am especially thinking about this bipartisanship business that is such a hot topic in the press right now.

For example, President Obama recently removed the ban on offshore drilling. He called this a concession to bipartisanship, but I don't understand how. To me, it was throwing a bone to the conservatives. "Here is a concession, so shut up." This action could not have pleased the left, though, or environmentalists and people concerned with our planet. Bill Waterson said via Calvin and Hobbes "A Good Compromise Leaves Everyone Unhappy." The second the oil rig blew up, though, he yanked it right out of their mouths. I'm sure this action made his party happy with him (except, of course, for the Democrats on the Southern Coast where the Oil Business is so key) but left others reeling. Are our lawmakers trying? They speak of filibusters, majorities to avoid filibusters, midnight meetings and rush jobs before the other group has time to react.

Is this bipartisanship? Is there really no middle ground? I think most of you know I lean very conservative, but I really despise the righteous indignation that seems to characterize Conservblicans (think Fox News). Everywhere, people are so angry. Are party differences so drastic that this is really and truly war?

I really don't know what to do about it. I am a man of action; I actively take care of my family, and everyone else I can. What can I do for my country, because it is not doing for itself. I vote, but I don't trust anyone for whom I vote; not because I am afraid that they won't make my decision, but because I don't believe that they believe in the decisions that they are making. My current feeling is that I should start writing weekly letters to all politicians who represent me to tell them that I expect them to make the very best decisions they can.

Anyone who wants to be a politician, shouldn't.

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