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Monday, March 15, 2010

interesting essays

Greetings fellow writers and thinkers! I just wanted to let everyone know that Mike Banys is in the process of writing and posting an interesting three-part essay on Hinduism on his blog, Unknowing Mind. It's part of an interfaith blog event he participates in regularly with Jon Pennington of C3 in Chicago. You'll find the link on the right hand side of the screen, or you can go to http://unknowingmind.blogspot.com.

It's great stuff for those of us who are gloriously ignorant of common Hindu beliefs (i.e. me).



Mike said...

Thanks for the plug, Ryan! I too was woefully ignorant of Hinduism before beginning research for this essay. And now, I'd say I'm still ignorant, but at least a little less so. One area of Hinduism that I do not touch on at all is the cultural aspect. Hinduism is a lot like Judaism in that it is not only a religion but a culture. Many aspects of that culture play into the particular expressions of religion that most Hindus practice. In my essay, however, I only discuss the philosophical bases of the religion itself, leaving all of the varied cultural aspects alone.

It truly amazed me as well how broad Hinduism truly is. You'd think Christianity was broad with all the various Protestant sects. But Hinduism trumps it thoroughly. For example, Hindus have different understandings of the Divine: some are monotheistic, some are pantheistic, and some are polytheistic!

I learned a lot in writing my essay; and I learned a lot more about how little I actually know about Hinduism even now.

Ryan said...

I would post some questions about Hinduism here, but I think I'll save it for your blog. Looking forward to reading the rest of your stuff!